The Story of Virtual Eye Sailing

The Virtual Eye sailing system (developed since 1992) has become a turnkey solution for sailing events worldwide. Virtual Eye, often only associated with the Americas Cup and the Volvo Ocean race, has evolved into an easily deployable system at any event. Some of these include the Audi MedCup and world tour events like the Monsoon Cup, the Korea Cup and the Louis Vuitton Trophy Series.

What Virtual Eye Shows

The Virtual Eye sailing system gives people with or without an understanding of sailing an opportunity to truly experience every moment of a race. Virtual Eye can show an entire race course, including marks, laylines, advantage lines and distances between the boats. Virtual Eye also displays timing information from starts, mark rounding and finishes. All of this information is available in real-time for immediate review and post-race analysis.

GPS and Data Network

Working with Igtimi Ltd. we have developed a highly accurate and reliable delivery system. Tracking data can be sent at a rate of 1-10 times a second, and the tracking system is capable of transmitting this data over a dual network. This provides us with the quality and redundancy required to create Virtual Eye's graphics.

Data Specifications

  • 0.6 metre accuracy with differential
  • 1 to 10 hz data
  • Dual GPRS and UHF Network for full redundancy
  • Satellite tracking if required
  • Compact, all-in-one design

How It All Works

  • Data from each boat is transmitted
  • Data is received at our radio site
  • Data gets sent to our data server
  • Data is processed
  • Mark, timing and wind information is added
  • 3D output is created
  • ... all in seconds!

Where It Gets Used

  • TV coverage
  • Live Streaming
  • Interactive web apps
  • Mobile devices
  • Onshore/Offshore hospitality
  • Team & Media Viewers
  • Umpire Reviews
  • Race Management
  • 3D stereoscopic

Volvo Ocean Race 2011-2012

Additional Information

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